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Meet Thresh.

We deliver comprehensive real estate solutions, fostering stability, innovation, and success in a dynamic industry landscape.

A premier partner for comprehensive real estate solutions. With a rich history and commitment to stability, we navigate dynamic landscapes with innovative strategies.

From brokerage and management excellence to pioneering office and industrial development, we ensure sustained success, adapting to the evolving needs of the real estate industry.

Thresh Enterprises Professional Commercial Real Estate

Our Story

In 1955, Eric F. Thresh embarked on a journey founding E.F. Thresh Inc, a modest millwork and cabinet shop in a garage. It swiftly evolved into New York's preeminent provider under Eric's vision. With the entry of his son, William Thresh, the business diversified into commercial property development, culminating in the establishment of Thresh Enterprises.

Over the years, our company has evolved into a multifaceted entity, showcasing excellence in commercial brokerage and management. Additionally, we have made significant strides in the realms of office and industrial development, solidifying our position as a comprehensive and dynamic player in the real estate industry.

E.F. Thresh Inc historical woodwork

What We Value

Under the leadership of William Thresh and his son, Thresh Enterprises has thrived as a dynamic and multifaceted entity. Building upon a legacy established by Eric F. Thresh in 1955, the company has evolved into a premier player in the real estate industry.


With a commitment to innovation and strategic development, Thresh Enterprises excels in commercial brokerage and management. William Thresh's leadership, coupled with his son's vision, has propelled the company to expand its presence in office and industrial development, reflecting a forward-thinking approach and ensuring continued success in the ever-evolving real estate landscape.

William Thresh and William Thresh II CNY Best Commercial Real Estate Family


Deep Roots

Thresh's longstanding foundation establishes stability, guiding the company's evolution into a dynamic real estate leader, ensuring continuity, and sustained success.



Clear communication builds trust, enabling informed decisions and positive relationships, integral to the success and integrity of endeavors.


Growth & Innovation 

Progress and adaptability drive continual evolution, ensuring relevance and competitiveness, contributing to sustained success in dynamic and changing environments.


Team Work

Collaboration amplifies diverse perspectives, skills, and ideas, fostering synergy and achieving collective goals efficiently, leading to overall success.


Community Outreach

Engaging with the community cultivates goodwill, builds relationships, and enhances brand reputation, creating a positive impact and fostering sustainable success.



Exemplary work quality ensures lasting durability, customer satisfaction, and a distinguished brand image, fostering trust and sustained success.

Meet The Team

President - Partner

William Thresh

From masterful millwork to visionary real estate endeavors, William Thresh Senior has set an indelible standard within the industry. Even as he assumes the role of CFO, his dedication to craftsmanship endures, as evidenced by his ongoing personal projects in our headquarters' woodshop.

Vice President - Partner - Broker

William Thresh II

Bill's lifelong involvement in commercial real estate began in childhood, walking alongside his father and grandfather. He started from the ground up, sweeping woodshop floors as summer help, and now leads the company into a new era.

Operations Manager

Michael Gilbert

Starting in millwork, Mike's journey has transformed him into an operational leader. He now spearheads development projects and plays a pivotal role in advancing the asset management sector.

Leasing & Sales Agent

Francis Cerio

Francis has emerged as a key figure in driving brokerage activity, negotiating numerous deals spanning industrial, office, and retail sectors. His success is attributed to his strong industry relationships and unwavering enthusiasm.

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